Five Superhero Movies You Need To See Again


Much like playing a money-based board game, no discussion of movies can be had without at least one argument breaking out. This is most certainly the case when it comes to discussions on the subject of superhero movies. In fact, you may just find out how passionate your closest friends are when it comes to their favorite caped crusader.

But why such tension about what is actually a fairly light-hearted topic? Superheroes are good guys (and girls) that save the day & look out for all of the non-super citizens of the world. It sounds nice, but you also have to understand that most fans of superhero movies tend to be connected to the film’s source material. In other words, they know the origin story of the character(s) in question, and they are bothered by ant type of creative license that is had.

However, beyond the super-fandom, it’s important to note that superhero movies are just fun to watch. You’re likely to get serious action sequences, stunt work, glorious CGI effects, and even some well-placed humor. The problem is that there is a lot to take in the first time you watch a movie, so it warrants a rewatch.

Here are five superhero movies that need to be seen again. It may be because you’re searching for some awesome “Easter eggs”, but it’s also because these movies are that cool:

Superman (1978)

Batman (1989)

Watchmen (2009)

The Meteor Man (1993)

The Crow (1994)

Superhero movies are fun to watch and in many ways espouse the virtues we’d like to be part of society at large. What’s really nice is also knowing that the idea of what a superhero is all about can be a little different for everyone, and that’s pretty super!

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